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Air Handling Unit Maintenance

An air handling unit or extraction fan is found at either end of a ventilation system. The systems efficiency is affected by the poor maintenance of the coils and fan blades due to the build of dust and dirt. There is usually a condensation build up as the air handling unit (AHU Unit) supplies hot and cold air. This constant presence of moisture cause rust to rest where water can sit i.e. drip trays.

The air handling unit maintenance also include changing the filter, as this is also a service that needs to be addressed and is offered in VinAir's maintenance service.

Other perishable parts in the air handling unit are panel locks and seals that can wear away over time. Pullies and drive belts are a little more hard wearing and will not need changing as often as other parts, but we will address these areas to ensure they are running efficiently are in good condition.

Stripping out of old automatic roll on filter mechanisms that are found inside the air handling unit helps to improve efficiency and the overall cleanliness of the system.

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